Rainforest Run Obstacle $600


Daily Rental Price:

The Rainforest Run Obstacle Course rents for $600 a day.

Product Description:

The Rainforest obstacle is an large obstacle course With multiple climbing wall, slides and jump areas. The multiple slides and path design allows players to repeat the obstacle or find an area to just bounce and play.  At 34 feet long, by 27 feet wide, it takes players through a nearly 90 foot-long loop. 

This unique configuration includes:
- 5 pop up obstacles
- 3 vertical obstacles
- 3 Block Obstacles
- 2 Tunnel (inside block)
- Wide dual entry area
- 2 Climbing Walls (to slides)- 2 Climbing Walls (to slides)
- Two 1.5 hp blowers ​

Special Requirements:

This is a very large bounce house, if going in a back yard it will require a minimum of a 60 inch gate for access, concrete path t the setup location and room to set it up! Two 1.5 hp blowers that use two 15 amp outlets will be needed (we can rent an appropriately sized generator if you don't have enough power).   

Please contact us to verify what will be needed in order to properly set the Rainforest Run Obstacle course up.

Gate: 60" width / paved surface

Power: 2x 1.5 hp blower / 30 amps total

Space:  35'L x 30'W x 15'H

  • Includes Bounce House and Blowers 

Features & Specifications:

  • Multiple Obstacles
  • Multiple Slides
  • Multiple Climbing Walls
  • Wide Dual Entry 
  • Reinforcement Strips over all seams on path 
  • Max Players: 12
  • Max 1 User On Slide 
  • Max 1 User Climbing 
  • Max 12 users on obstacle path 
  • Max 1000 Lbs on Inflated Structure 
  • Max 200 Lbs per user 
  • Ages 4+​